The Hand-Me-Down Project: Passing Generational Knowledge

What is the Hand-Me-Down Project?

The Hand-Me-Down project is a new initiative led by Milton Public Library for the purpose of cataloguing and disseminating the knowledge of seniors in our community, with a focus on intergenerational relationships between seniors and youth.

The Hand-Me-Down project ran from Fall of 2022 until March 2023. Thank you to all of our seniors and youth who participated! 

Our Goal

Share generational knowledge with the next generation, focusing on areas including tradeskills, crafting and culinary expertise, while supporting skills-building as well as intergenerational dialogue and cultural exchange.

Program Focus Areas and Objectives

  • Skills-building, repair and Sustainability
  • Re-engaging community members with practical, tactical experiences
  • Bringing generations of community members together, reducing social isolation
  • Promote volunteerism among seniors and other generations
  • Engage seniors in the community through mentoring others
  • Support the social participation and inclusion of seniors
  • Provide capital assistance for new and existing community projects and programs for seniors