May 2021

Spring has Sprung Storytime

Join us for a special Storytime to celebrate the arrival of Spring! We will enjoy a variety of stories, songs and activities. We encourage all participants to pick up a kit from the library in advance to help make the program more interactive, including the pieces to make a special STEAM craft (think hatching bird puppet). The program is best suited for children ages 3-7 but all are welcome. 

Wed May 19 at 10:30 am

image that says hello spring, with flowers and a bird

Virtual Book Tour with Carol Cujec and Peyton Goddard

Authors Carol Cujec and Peyton Goddard are visiting Milton Public Library on their Virtual Book Tour, to discuss their new book Real. Families and Classrooms are invited to register and participate in this special presentation on May 28th at 12:00 pm. In advance of the visit, teachers are invited to request free bookmarks/posters by emailing: Additional resources/discussion questions can be found at:

Carol Cujec, PhD, has worked as a writer and educator for more than two decades and currently teaches at Cal State San Marcos. Her own teaching and parenting experiences have given her welcomed insights into celebrating neurodiversity. Carol lives in San Diego with her husband, three children, and a mischievous orange tabby.

Peyton Goddard knows how it feels to be labeled as incapable of learning. For twenty-two years, her unpredictable body and inability to speak led people to assume she was mentally challenged. Once she gained a dependable mode of communication, not only did she learn, she graduated from college as valedictorian. Today, she is an advocate for inclusion who writes and presents about valuing all people and protecting those most vulnerable from abuse. Her message centers on “changing this worrisome world” through compassionate understanding and support for all. Peyton lives with support in her own apartment, adjacent to her parents’ home in San Diego.

book cover of the book titled real

May/June 2021

Tomatosphere Scientists

Join us for an out-of-this-world scientific investigation. This fun 4 week, interactive program will investigate the effects space has on tomato seed germination. Participants will receive two packages of seeds: one package of seeds that were sent into space, and a second package of untreated, "controlled" seeds. Participants will conduct an experiment by planting seeds to determine the effects of the space environment, and will be required to chart their observations daily. For four weeks, participants will log on to Zoom for 45 minutes to discuss their findings and enjoy a variety of space-themed activities. The results from the Tomatosphere experiment will be sent to the Canadian Space Agency. For ages 7-10. 

Thursdays at 6:45 pm (May 27 - June 17) 

tomato seedling

June 2021

Canada Aviation and Space Museum presents "The Big Blue Balloon Adventure"

Follow the balloon in this special virtual field trip with the Educators at Canada Aviation and Space Museum! After reading The Blue Balloon by Mick Inkpen, participants will set out on a virtual tour to discover a variety of aircraft. At each stop marked by a blue balloon, children will look for 3D shapes within each aircraft structure. They will also count wings, windows, and wheels, and graph their observations. Inspiration and instructions for an optional aircraft inventor’s activity — to build their own flying machines — will be shared.
For children ages 3-6 with their caregivers.

Fri June 4 at 1:30 pm

logo for Canada Aviation and Space Museum

Sense of Wonder with Scientists in School

The world around us is a feast for our senses! Investigate sound and design your own shakers. Explore how our sense of taste and smell are connected. Trick your eyes with 3D glasses you make and keep. Now your interactions with the world will just make sense! For children in JK-Grade 1.

Sat June 5 at 10:30 am

image of a head with many coloured dots around it to simulate the senses

Our World of Energy with Scientists in School

Follow the influence of the sun as we study the impact energy has in our world. Investigate light and sound energy. Transform chemical energy into heat while making bubbles. Discover how to conserve heat and experiment with your own little house to conserve heat in your home. Create a storyboard to follow the path of energy from the sun to all living things. For children in Grades 1 & 2.

Sat June 12 at 2:00 pm

the sun behind a dandelion