Milton Public Library’s 3D Printer is a Bambu P1S. The Bambu P1S is a FDM (Fused Deposition Method) 3D Printer and uses PLA Filament, a non-toxic plastic that is derived from plants.

Printing costs $1.00 to initiate plus $3.00 per 100grams of filament required for the print job. For larger prints with a print time of over 6 hours there may be a longer wait time for completed prints.

Step 1

Prepare your 3D printing file. The Library 3D Printer supports stereolithography (STL) files. Objects to be printed must comply with the Milton Public Library’s Rules of Conduct. The Library reserves the right to deny printing objects that are deemed inappropriate. It is the responsibility of the patron to ensure the viability of the item to be printed. The Library is not responsible for prints that fail due to design flaws. Please note that Library Staff will not clean the printed object, when you receive your 3D printed item there will be extra plastic that needs to be removed.

Complete our 3D printing request form including printing specifications and your .stl file. We are only able to accept files up to 10 MB.

Step 2

Library Staff will provide you with a cost estimate within five (5) business days of receiving your request. 

We will provide you with an estimate for your job and will require your approval before proceeding. Once your item has finished printing, the cost of the item will be added as a fee on your library account. Payment must be made when collecting your item. Please note: fees of $10 or more will result in your library privileges being suspended until paid.

Step 3

Visit our “Ask Us” desk at the Library to pay and a staff member will release your completed 3D print job.