Borrow Laptops/MacBooks (Sherwood Branch and Beaty Branch)

  1. Laptops/MacBooks are for in-Library use only
  2. Laptops/MacBooks may be borrowed for the entire day during the opening hours
  3. You can connect to the library’s wifi to access the Internet
  4. Bring your own flash drive to save your files
  5. Printing is available

Public Access Computers (Main)

  1. The Main Library and Beaty Branch are equipped with public access computers. All PACs offer internet and e-mail access, word processing, and printing.
  2. In addition, the Main Library has Children’s Early Literacy Computer Stations for the kids.
  3. A library card is required to log in to the computers

Wireless Hotspot

The Milton Public Library’s Wi-Fi service is open to all library visitors, free of charge. You will need a wireless-enabled laptop computer, tablet PC, Reader, or another wireless-enabled device to use it.

To log on to the service:

  1. Turn on / restart your WiFi-enabled device
  2. Connect to the wireless SSID/network “Milton_Public_Wifi”
  3. Once connected, start your web browser
  4. Review the Library’s Public Internet Access Policy and accept the policy to connect
  5. Wireless service will be available to users in the Library during open hours.
  6. All users of this service are bound by the terms of the Library’s Public Internet Access Policy and the Library reserves the right to terminate a connection at any time without further notice if the policy is violated
  7. It is the responsibility of library users to configure their laptop or another device to access the wireless service
  8. A wireless hotspot is not a secured network environment. Keep this in mind if you are accessing confidential personal or business information