Planning a visit to the library with your organization or school group? Use our simple online form to schedule a group visit to any of our three branches. Whether you’re looking to explore our collections, participate in a special program, or simply enjoy a day of learning, we’re here to accommodate you.

What You’ll Need to Provide:

  • Organizer’s contact details
  • Organization or school name
  • Preferred and alternate dates for your visit
  • Group size (minimum 5, maximum 75 participants)
  • Age distribution of the group (children, youth, adults)
  • Purpose of your visit
  • Choose your preferred library location
  • Specify any particular grade levels if applicable
  • Include any general comments or special requests

What can you do at the library?

Join us for a variety of educational and recreational programs for all ages.

Reserve private spaces for study or small meetings.

Access a vast range of books, e-books, audiobooks, and more.

Take advantage of our regular and 3D printing services.

Discover non-traditional items available for checkout, including tools, musical instruments, and more.

Fill out the required fields to help us prepare for your visit and make it as enriching as possible. We look forward to welcoming your group to our library!