Welcome to our vibrant exploration of the beautiful vinyl wraps gracing the entrances of the Main, Sherwood, and Beaty Branches of our library. These artistic creations, designed by the talented Saphera Peters, capture the spirit of our diverse community through a series of carefully chosen symbols and motifs. Join us in appreciating the depth and richness of each element and what it represents for our community.

Artist’s Voice: Saphera Peters



“Serving as a bridge between diverse cultures through my art is a profound honor. My South Asian roots and Brampton upbringing have deeply influenced my creations. Starting in 2019, I committed to a year of daily illustrations, deepening my love for digital art.

This project for Milton Libraries is a celebration of diversity, aiming to foster inclusivity and joy in our community. Each motif, from the moon celebrations to the pride flags, is a thread in the vibrant tapestry of our collective story.”


— Saphera Peters

The Art of Inclusion and Celebration

Each wrap is a canvas that tells a story of celebration, heritage, and unity:

  • Tea Festival: A hand pouring tea, detailed with exquisite henna patterns, invites you to explore the global and cultural significance of tea. This motif set the stage for our Tea Festival, where tea vendors from various cultures gathered together.
  • New Moon Celebration: Celestial elements like moons and stars illuminate our wrap, symbolizing the New Moon Celebration. This event was a blend of henna art, curated music, and engaging workshops for all ages.
  • Earth Day: Flowers and leaves spread across the wrap, reminding us of Earth Day and our commitment to conservation, highlighted by our Tech Collect initiative with Let’s Get Together.
  • Cultural Heritage Months: Iconic monuments like the Taj Mahal and Milton’s Town Hall merge, symbolizing South Asian Heritage Month and our community’s blend of heritage and home.
  • Indigenous History Month: Beaded jewelry represents the rich traditions of Indigenous cultures, a nod to our programs like the Indigenous Beading Workshop.
  • Pride Month: A vibrant rainbow, echoing the Pride Flag.
  • Seasonal Celebrations: Fruits depicted in the wraps evoke the warmth and bounty of the summer months, a perfect backdrop for our diverse seasonal events.
  • Animal Motifs: Tigers and elephants, significant in South Asian culture, adorn our spaces.

Join Us in Celebration

We invite you to visit our branches and experience these wraps in person. Each visit offers a visual journey through the values and celebrations that define our community. Embrace every story with us this spring and become part of our ongoing narrative of inclusion and diversity.