• You have already renewed the item the maximum number of times
  • It is a popular item with a waiting list and no available copies
  • It is a popular item with a waiting list, and the “available” copies are not copies that can fill holds (e.g., they are Reference or frequent flyers copies)
  • It was borrowed through Interlibrary Loan

Most items that you borrow can be renewed two times as long as there are sufficient copies available. Each renewal extends the due date by the same length of time as you originally borrowed it for. The renewal period starts on the day you renew an item, not the original date the item was due.

Most patrons are allowed to borrow 50 items at any given time.

  • Log in and view your account
  • Click on Checkouts in the left hand column of your account.
  • Titles that you have presently checked out are listed.
  • To renew an item
    • Check the checkbox next to the titles you want to renew.
    • Click the Renew Marked button.
    • You will be asked to confirm that you wish to proceed with the listed renewals.
    • Select Yes, if you wish to proceed.
      • Items are renewed for an additional borrowing period starting from the date renewed.
      • Items with Holds by other patrons will not renew
      • If you have reached maximum renewal times, you will get a message indicating that the item(s) cannot be renewed.

Books that are marked as “reference” cannot be borrowed; they are for use within the library. There are usually additional copies that are available for lending. If there is only one reference copy of the book and you are unable to travel to the owning library to read it, you can request the item through Interlibrary Loan.

Special vacation loan period extensions are available upon request. Extended loans do not apply to new materials, DVDs, or any material that may be popular during the suggested loan period extension. Typically, the extension period does not exceed 2 weeks.

Yes, you can renew the items through:

  1. My Account through the Library website: You have the ability to either renew all the items checked out to you or a few selected ones
  2. Over the phone: Renewals can happen over the phone during open hours with Library Staff. You need to tell your Library Card Number to the Library Staff for them to access your account and perform the renewals