• Just bring yourselves (and your socks of course).
  • Participants in an infant program may wish to bring a blanket or mat for use on the floor.
  • Please bring socks as you may be asked to remove your shoes during bad weather.

      Yes, each child needs their own individual card to register.

      We limit families to one registered program per child per session to help ensure that as many families as possible can participate in our early literacy storytimes.

      Milton Public Library reserves the right to remove children registered in the same program more than once. This may result in your child being removed from your preferred class.

      • We ask that your child be the appropriate age for the program prior to the beginning of the session.
      • We respectfully request that you adhere to the age guidelines. Programs are tailored for specific audiences.
        Milton Public Library reserves the right to remove children who are outside the noted age category for the program.
      • Space is filled on a “first come, first served” basis. You will be added to the class list if there is space available; otherwise you may be placed on a waiting list.

      Yes, unless otherwise stated in the program description.

      If your child requires a snack during the program, we respectfully ask that you leave the room, and return when they are finished.

      Bring socks in the event you wish to remove your shoes during the program. We kindly ask that you leave strollers outside of the program rooms.

      For the safety of all participants, food and drink are not allowed in the program rooms. The exceptions are bottled water, and breastfed or bottle-fed infants.

      We respectfully ask that you turn your phone to silent before the program starts, and tuck it away until the end.

      If you must use your phone, kindly step outside of the programme room with your child/ren, and rejoin when you are done.

      Please refrain from taking photos or videos during the programme to ensure the safety and privacy of all participants.