You certainly can. Go into the catalogue from the Library’s home page and change your present email address or enter one for the first time. For registered users of the email notification service, this will update your email address. Please note that first-time users of the email notification service must call the Library or come into the Library and register at the Circulation Desk to begin receiving notices by email.

Call the Library at (905) 875-2665 or come into the Library and register at the Circulation Desk to begin receiving your notices by email. There are changes that need to be made in your record that only staff can do. If your email address changes after this initial setup, you can update your record yourself.

There are two common problems to keep in mind. First, your home firewall and/or email software may block messages that are sent in bulk – as these notices will be. It may think that it is junk mail. If this happens, you will need to configure your software to allow us through. Email messages from the library will have the subject heading “Message from the Milton Public Library” and will have been sent from the email address Lastly, keep us up to date when you change your email provider.

Your hold will be on the holds shelf for one week. Holds that are not picked up in that time will generate a $1 fine, and the item will go to the next patron in line. If you don’t check your emails regularly, perhaps sign up for phone notifications.

Unfortunately not. If you choose the email option that is the only way you will receive your notices.

Your hold notice will go directly to your email address – unlike a phone message that can get erased or not relayed. You will also be given the title of the item available. We would not leave the title of a book with a family member or on voice mail because of privacy concerns.