Yes, patrons will be charged a replacement cost for lost or damaged items. For complete details on all fines, please visit this page.

Most items can be renewed twice, provided they are not requested by another patron.

Non-residents can obtain a library card by paying a non-resident fee. For complete details on all fee, please visit this page.

You should report the loss immediately. A replacement card will be issued without a fee.

Library staff will follow best practices for collecting necessary patron information while ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

A child is considered from birth up to age 12, a teen from 13 to 17 years old, and an adult is 18 years and older.

Yes, individuals living on First Nations reserves in Ontario are eligible for membership and borrowing privileges without charge.

Adults and teens no longer need to show an ID to register for a library card. Children will need to be registered by their legal guardian(s) and provide proof of name and address.