You can rate and add reviews to any title in the catalogue.

Below the Request it button for each title, there are a number of Additional actions. Select the star image directly below to add a rating. Below the title, author and availability information for every title, there are five stars displayed. Select Be the first to review to add a review. If there are existing reviews, select [number] reviews, to add a review.

We have created custom searches that will display only new arrivals and on order items. Browse our new arrivals and on order items

On the left side of the catalogue search page, there are many filter options underneath the heading “Refine by:”. Under the Collection filter you can select a specific age group (children, teen, or adult).

Under the Availability filter, select At the library. The search results will automatically update to only display items that are not checked out.

After you enter a keyword to search, search results will appear along with a number of Refine by filters in the left side bar. These filters allow you to narrow down your search results.