Please connect with a library staff member to make sure that you are signed up for phone notifications, and to verify that the phone number we have on file is correct.

No matter how many items become overdue on a single day (or how many holds arrive on a single day), you will only receive one call from the Library.

TeleCirc is available for dial-in access 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

At the moment, this service is not available.

Pressing the star (*) key stops TeleCirc from speaking and allows you to back up at any point. If you want to log out – just keep pressing the star (*) key until TeleCirc says “Goodbye”.

Yes it can. Call in to TeleCirc and select “Account Options” and then “Customize your recorded name”.

You can press the star key at any time to interrupt TeleCirc and hang up your phone.

This system is in place in most larger public libraries and it has many advantages to library patrons – especially those in rural areas without broadband access.

If you are already signed up for email, nothing will change for you. However, you are now able to phone in to the library to check your account and to renew items if, for any reason, you can’t access the Internet.

Your PIN number is usually the last four digits of your phone number.

To protect your privacy, TeleCirc does not list the titles of the items that are either overdue or available for pickup. You are offered the opportunity to log in to your account so that you can verify exactly which items it is calling about.

The TeleCirc number is the regular library phone number, 905-875-2665. You access the service by selecting option “6” from the opening message. You’ll be prompted to log in with your 14-digit library card number and your PIN number – so have it ready!

The Milton Public Library relies on two methods to notify patrons of holds and overdue items – phone and email. If you choose to receive notices by phone, you will be receiving those messages from our automated system – TeleCirc. You can now also use your touch-tone telephone to renew items and to check on the status of your account at any time during the day.