Connecting Generations Through the Art of Letter Writing

Are you a local senior brimming with stories and experiences to share? Join us in fostering unique intergenerational connections with the youth in our community through “Project Pen Pal: Senior Edition” — a special initiative aimed at bridging the gap between generations through the timeless tradition of letter writing.

How It Works

  • Sign Up: To join, simply fill out the form below. Our dedicated staff, will handle the matchmaking process, pairing you with a teenager from a local high school.
  • Write Your Letter: Your journey begins when you receive your first letter from your teen pen pal. Savor the words of a new friend and pen your response at your leisure.
  • Drop Off Your Letter: Once your letter is ready, drop it off at any library location. Make sure to deliver it within the specified monthly timeframe. Our staff will ensure it reaches your pen pal promptly.
  • Repeat the Process: You will receive letters from your pen pal monthly. Each letter is an opportunity to forge a deeper connection, share your wisdom, and perhaps learn something new.

Program Details:


  • Who can participate: Seniors aged 55 and above
  • Registration: Free (no cost involved)
  • Frequency: Monthly exchanges
  • Location: Any MPL branch
  • Dates/Times: Specific dates and times will be announced by the program coordinator

Why Join Project Pen Pal?

Establish meaningful connections with the younger generation.

  • Pass on your valuable life lessons and stories.
  • Research shows that intergenerational interactions can significantly boost life satisfaction and emotional health for seniors, while providing teens with invaluable insights into life’s longer journey.

Ready to Become a Pen Pal?

For any inquiries or assistance, please contact Anna Cansick at the Main Library. We’re excited to see the wonderful exchanges and new friendships that will flourish through Project Pen Pal: Senior Edition.

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm. Let’s be pen pals!