Milton Public Library provides public access to the Internet in keeping with our mission statement in which MPL “empowers the community to: Read. Learn. Create. Connect. “. Throughout this policy, “Internet Services” refers to access to the Internet from the Library’s public computers and through its publicly available wireless connections.

The Internet is an unregulated global electronic network. It offers access to information, ideas, commentary and images which are stored on computers outside of the jurisdiction of the Milton Public library.


  1. Patrons are responsible for determining what material they wish to access and assessing the accuracy, reliability and legality of the information.
  2. The Internet offers access to information, ideas, commentary and images which range from accurate, complete, and reliable to offensive, controversial, unreliable, and/or illegal. The Milton Public Library does not guarantee the accuracy of non-library information obtained through the Internet.
  3. The Milton Public Library is not responsible for any content linked to its website.The Library assumes responsibility for the information provided on the Library’s website. Staff have chosen to link to websites that fall within the broad guidelines of the Library’s Collection Management Policy. Beyond this, the library does not monitor or control any of the information that is linked from the Library’s website. Any links on the Library’s website to information resources do not imply endorsement of said resources.
  4. Use of Library services for illegal, actionable or criminal purposes is prohibited. Prohibited activities are listed below but are not limited to:
    • Infringement of copyright or other intellectual property rights
    • Accessing confidential or protected data without the express authorization of the owner
    • Logging onto a computer system to which you are not authorized
    • Use of packet sniffers, network probing tools, cracking tools or port scanners
    • Forging any part of the TCP/IP packet header or any part of the header information
    • Transmission of SPAM
    • Using library resources to interfere with computer networking or telecommunications services of any other user, host or network
  5. Children’s access to the Internet, as with other library resources, is the responsibility of parents or guardians.The Library supports the right and responsibility of parents or legal guardians to determine and monitor their children’s use of Library materials and resources.Parents are encouraged to supervise their child’s Internet sessions and to inform the child if there are resources they do not want the child to access. The Library does not restrict the access of children to any information, resources and facilities in the Library, unless proscribed by legislation.
  6. Patrons are responsible for any damages, direct or indirect, arising from the provision of the Library’s Internet service.The Library will not provide any technical support for any equipment not owned by the Library, such as personal laptops.
  7. Patrons are not permitted to alter, install software, tamper with or damage the Library’s computer equipment or software configuration.
  8. Patrons must respect the privacy of others using the Internet.Internet access computers are situated in a public area shared by patrons of all ages. Patrons are asked to consider this and to make every effort to safeguard their confidential, personal or business information. Patrons are guests of the system and should act with respect and consideration for one another.
  9. The Library reserves the right to develop service use guidelines that will be revised as necessary.
  10. Use of the Library’s Internet service is conditional on acceptance of this policy established by the Milton Public Library Board.
  11. Failure to comply with this policy (The Public Internet Access Policy) will result in loss of Internet privileges and/or expulsion from the Library.

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Milton Public Library Board
Issued: December 1998
Reviewed: May 2020