Tween and Teen Programs Fall 2022

Program Highlights

These are just some of the great programs you can join at MPL. Learn about more fun and educational programs by visiting our program calendar

Group of teens from diverse backgrounds Teens from diverse backgrounds smiling at one another.

Hand-Me-Down Project

The Hand-Me-Down project is a new initiative led by Milton Public Library for the purpose of cataloguing and disseminating the knowledge of seniors in our community, with a focus on intergenerational relationships between seniors and youth.

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Teen Podcast Club

Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? Do you relish in discussing hot topics and sharing your thoughts and point of view?

Join us for our first ever Teen Podcast Club! Each week, we'll host an in-person listening party featuring one True Crime podcast episode and discuss it!  Participants who attend high school will also be eligible to earn their community volunteer hours.

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Dungeons and Dragons

Are you a fan of Stranger Things and want to try Dungeons and Dragons? Join our Dungeon Master, Calvin, as he hosts this 6 week DnD campaign themed around the villain Vecna!

Participants will create Dungeons and Dragons characters and help design a final Dungeon!

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